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Need to Raise Money For Supplies?

Students looking to raise/make money for school supplies, clothing and more can sell Chocolate bars on their own. Due to economic times more and more families are suffering. Now as a student you can help yourself and your family by working part time for yourself.

You can purchase a case of chocolate bars and sell them on your own time, to your own friends and family and make a profit!

Imagine making over $288 over the weekend - a great way to keep yourself or students focused during the week at school

Get Started!
  • Buy a case of chocolate bars
  • Sell the bars and keep the profits
  • It's that simple
  • Ways for Students to Make Money
  • Sell to Your Churches
  • Sell at Your Local Parks
  • Sell to Your Neighbors

  • For Students - Candy Bar Programs       Call 1-877-512-4626

    The Three ($3.00) Dollar Candy Bar Fundraising Program
    Chocolate Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, & Raisins & Chocolate Hazelnut. 3 great flavors. Alongside culinary chefs this bar was designed with the utmost perfection. We offer ounces ounces per bar. Packed 36 in our personalized fundraising carrier. With the most profit available per bar on the market. This bar sells itself.

    The most profit available per bar on the market! Making your fundraiser a succesful time and time again. Get Started! Click Here

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    Today: May 23, 2024

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