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Candy Fundraisers for Schools

Candy Fundraisers for Schools

We want your school fundraising, church fundraisers, and nonprofit fund raising campaigns to be successful, that is why Candy Fundraising Online offers the finest fundraiser candy bars for fundraising programs.

Three dollar fundraising is a division of candyfundraisingonline.com. We are a fundraising solutions company. Based in southern California with distribution wear houses on the west coast, east coast, mid west and southern states.

We offer a multitude of different fundraising ideas to help you achieve your fundraising goals . From our one and two dollar line of school fundraising bars to our three dollar bars that are great for sport, church and all other fundraising needs.

We take pride in what we do, that's why all our bars are made in the U.S.A. and are not imported . Let three dollar fundraising help you achieve your fundraising goals with the best quality chocolate and the greatest looking line of bars that America has to offer. Three dollar fundraising was created for those who want to get the most out of their fund-raiser.

We understand the difficulties with rising cost and high overhead . That's why we've designed our three dollar bar. With its sleek and productive look. This bar sells itself . Unmatched in flavor , you won't be disappointed. Our three dollar bar offers ounces ounces of the best chocolate. Our gourmet flavors will dazzle your taste buds. For more information or help with your fund-raiser , feel free to contact one of our fundraising specialists .

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Lime, orange, watermelon, lemon and cherry .Our delicious assorted fruit flavors are packed 2.75 ounces per bag. Each master case is packed with 30 gummy bear bags per case. This is the greatest summer time product on the market. Withstanding temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. Designed especially for year round fundraising.

Cookies and Cream, Almond, Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Crisp. 3 great gourmet flavors. We use blocks of Chocolate Imported all the way from Belgium. Alongside culinary chefs. This bar was designed with the utmost perfection. We offer ounces ounces per bar. Packed 38 in our personalized fundraising carrier. With the most profit available per bar on the market. This bar sells itself.

This sleek solid bar design is made in 3 great gourmet flavors Cookies and Cream, Almond, Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Crisp. These bars are 1.3 ounces of solid Belgium chocolate. Master cases are packed 200 pieces per case with 4 inner cartons packed 50 per case. With rising costs and inflation, these pars are perfect for all your fundraising needs. With double the normal profits that would be made with a traditional 1 dollar fundraising bar.

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